Oyster Cans from Virginia

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Morgan Oysters Pint - W.F. Morgan - Weems, VA - VA 92 - $100

This plug top pint is in great shape, bright and shiny, very little wear.

Sailor Girl Brand Oysters Pint - Chincoteague, VA - $225

This pint is very hard to find. It is a plug top, and does have fading, marks, writing, and wear throughout. It is packed for Edwin M. Plitt 
Sparrer Brand packed by C.K. Parker - Waterview, VA - $175
This is a very rare version of the Sparrer brand can. The condition is more on the rough side, but these do not come around offten. 

Oceanspra Brand - Battery Park, VA - $275

This can is in good shape, with a few marks and some small areas of discoloration on the back. There were multiple versions of this can over the years. This can is one of the "Chesapeake Bay" versions, with the last version saying "Salt Water" in its place and having less writing on the back. 

Miles Brand Oysters - Norfolk, VA - VA 214 - $275

Very rare, early solder seam can, has marks throughout, some discoloration, has a replacement top and lid. 

W&A Brand Oysters Pint - Weems, VA - VA 133 - $225

The front of this two sided pint is in good shape, the can has scratches and rubs and two holes in the side where a handle once was. 

Tasty Brand Oysters - Waterview, VA - VA 536 - $250 - Sold

Hard to find can, has rust speckling and some missing paint and corrosion. 

Irvington Packing Company - White Stone, VA - VA 93 - $150

5 gallon galvanized shucking bucket from Irvington Packing Co., packers of Banner Brand and Old Dominion Brand Oysters.

L.L. Curley - Colonial Beach, VA - VA 167 - $275

Yellow and green "Sailboat" can packed by L.L. Curley in Colonial Beach. Very rare old can with top cut out and holes in bottom.

W.F. Morgan & Son Quality Oysters - Weems, VA - VA 92 - $595

This can is in great shape, high gloss, only one dent and a couple marks, VA 92 embossed into the can.

Delicious Salt Water Oysters Plug Top Pint - VA 182 - $175

Hard to find Virginia can, packer unknown, missing some paint around the top rim mostly, otherwise in nice shape. 

Rough and Rare Virgina Pints - Sold as a group - $225

Lumpkin's from Kilmarnock, Sea Hak from Morattico, & Ware River from Schley, Gloucester County.

Plum Tree Island Crab Meat- M.F. Quinn - Hampton, VA - $150

Very old and rare Virginia crab meat can. See pictures closely for condition. Has the factory holes in the bottom for draining.

Davy Crockett Brand Oysters Pint - Irvington, VA - VA 445 - $125

This rare pint is in fairly rough condition, with rust speckling throughout. 

Pittman Bewdley Rappahannock Oysters - Lancaster, VA - $175

Nice pint, in great shape, no dents or wrinkles, W.R. Pittman & Sons, Inc. VA 10.

Allen's Fresh Shucked Oysters - Coles Point, VA - VA 13 - $125

This pint is in almost perfect condition, from Allen's Oyster House, Inc.

Oceanspra Brand Oysters - Battery Park, VA - VA 89 - $275

The front is pretty good and the overall condition isn't the best on this pint, but this can is very very hard to find in this size.

Allen's Fresh Shucked Oysters - Coles Point, VA - VA 13 - $50

This 8 oz. can is in like new condition. Allen's Oyster House Inc. 

Hogg's Oysters 12 oz. - Gloucester Point, VA - VA 280 - $100

Excellent condition, no dents, dings, or rubs. 

Allen's Frozen Oysters - Coles Point, VA - VA 13 - $50

A 10 oz. frozen can that is in great condition over all, barely a mark on it.