Oyster Cans from
Various States

Please call or text - (804)761-8549 with any questions

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Chief Engelhard Brand Oysters - Engelhard, NC - NC 142 - $125

This 12 oz. can is very clean and paint is bright. Packed by Engelhard Shrimp, Fish, & Oyster Co.
Montauk Salt Water Oysters - Fulton Market, NY - $175
This two sided can is very clean, no dents or marks. It was packed in Virginia, packing number VA-223. 

Chief Engelhard Fresh Crabmeat 1 LB. - Engelhard, NC - $85

This can is in great condition, the paint is bright and just one scratch on the back of the can. 

Daufuski Brand Oysters Pint - Savannah, GA - $100

This pint is in really nice condition, no dents or dings.

Famous Booth Foods Oysters Pint - Chicago, IL - $150

This pint is really nice, just a very small amount of wear here and there. The Atlantic Coast part of the can is whited out and Pacific Coast is stamped over top of that. There is no packing number on the can. 

Bon Secour Brand Oysters - Bon Secour, AL - ALA 49 - $125

This "pint" can (15 1/2 oz.) is in excellent condition. Bon Secour Fisheries is still in business today.
Nice can, in great shape, no dents or wrinkles