Oyster Cans from
New Jersey

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Eastpoint Oysters - Greenwich, NJ - $225

The front of this can displays well, with the sides and back showing wear and marks. Bottom and original top have light rust.
Jersey Brand Oysters - Bivalve, NJ - $375
This two sided rare can has one side that displays really well. The other portions of the can have some scattered rust spots. Good color.

Jersey's Best Oysters - Port Norris, NJ - $125 - Sold

This can is in excellent condition, the paint is bright and has hardly any marks on it at all. 

Sailor Boy Oysters - Maurice River, NJ - $150

Older version of the more common R.F. Brown can from Michigan, this New Jersey can has wear throughout but still displays well.

Famous Booth Foods Oysters - Chicago, IL - NJ 5- $275 - Sold

Just a few wrinkles around the top edge of the can and one around the bottom, otherwise very nice. NJ packing number. 

Robbins Brothers Oysters - Port Norris, NJ - NJ 6 - $250

Half Gallon, in great conditon, with one rub on the side. It has its Jersey Extra Selects top. 

Sailor Boy Brand Oysters Pint - Maurice River, NJ - NJ 11 - $225

This old rare pint from FF East, Inc. in Maurice River, NJ is in decent shape, with some marks and discoloration. 

Fres-Shore Fresh Oysters Pint - Kroger Co. - NJ 1 - $200

A very nice pint from the Fres-shore variety of cans, packed for the Kroger Co. out of Cincinnati, has NJ 1 stamped into the bottom of this one. Have seen MD 81 and VA 92 stamped into these as well.